Introduction Affiliate Programs

Introduction Affiliate Programs

What is Program Affiliate Selute

Program Affiliate Selute is one of program for Malaysia citizen take part which called Affiliate. The function affiliate , they promote the product in Selute in medium like website , forum , media social and anything which can promote through online. When purchases , affiliate will gain comission that have been fixed which about 15 % from total purchases.

How you can generate income from Affiliate Program Selute


Ahmad have personal blog and register as affiliate Selute , He create landing page to promote product

Siti as visitor for his blog and loyal reader for his blog. She find something interest her at landing he created and she click at that link

When Siti click the links, it will redirect to Selute pages. She buy one of the product from Selute .We receive payment from Siti and Ahmad received commission from that sales.

Below is the short description about affiliate program


What should you when you become Affiliate Selute

  1. Please read first Terms And Condtion. Please click this link
  2. Register as Affiliate Selute. Please click this link to see how to register Affiliate Account .
  3. Registration you as Affiliate we making checking process and approve it.
  4. After we approve account , you can generate unique affiliate link and affiliate can promote through website, Facebook , Twitter, and etc.
  5. Affiliate can promote our product by following the Terms And Conditions in Selute.


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